Innovative Technology Session
from Innovation Labs

Come along and get some hands-on experience of some really exciting innovative technology at this session.

Innovative Technology Session

Come along to this exciting session from Innovation Labs and be inspired to dip your toes in the worlds of AI, VR, AR, and gamification. The regional tech sector is thriving, attend the free session and see if a career in this field interests you.

You'll get a chance to experience virtual reality, hear some useful career advice about breaking into the industry, and more! If tech is your thing then you'll really enjoy this session.

Innovation Labs told us:

"The opportunities for careers in innovation and technology are huge but many young people are unaware of how to get their foot on the ladder. I hope anyone curious about this growing sector will come along and find out what is available to them once they finish full time education"

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Innovation Labs Borehamgate


Thursday 14th April

10 am - 12 pm

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Innovation Labs

We're so grateful to Innovation Labs for producing this Careeriosity session. 

Innovation Lab's aim is to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, business growth, and the development of an AI Centre of Excellence.