Marketing Session
from Mackman Group

Come along and learn more about your future career in marketing and what that would look like in this exciting session!

Marketing Session

Are you interested in a career in marketing? Maybe you’d like to design websites, or learn the art of search engine optimisation? Perhaps you fancy becoming a whizz at creating posts for social media, finding out what customers think, or designing perfect logos?


There are so many paths to wander down in the world of marketing! Come along to this free career session for young people and learn from the highly talented (and award winning) team at Mackman Group – creative branding, marketing and research specialists based in Sudbury.

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1 Meadow Lane,Sudbury

Wednesday 1st June

10 am - 12 pm

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Mackman Group

We’re so grateful to Mackman Group for creating this marketing session.


Mackman Group is made up of a branding and marketing agency (Mackman) and a market research agency (Mackman Research). Mackman create brands that are visually distinctive, intelligently positioned and strategically designed, including brand development, marketing strategy, website design and development, marketing communications, digital marketing, and video production.


Mackman Research work with a huge range of organisations to provide them with research services like marketing insight, competitor analysis, and social research.